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Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Advantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Russia is one of the promising choices for studying medicine overseas. Russia is one of the most popular study destinations for MBBS students from all over the globe. Russia’s medical schools are well known for their stringent and high-quality education, which nourishes students with a solid foundation in their field of medical science which now is the biggest advantage of studying MBBS in Russia. In this blog you will learn about Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

But Why Only Russia?

The country has a vast network of state-funded hospitals that offer free health care to its citizens, which makes it an excellent option for learners who want to practice medical science abroad. 

The Russian Ministry of Healthcare has recently made it smoother for international students to acquire an official work permit and study visa by bringing up a new method that takes less than 24 hours. In addition to this, there are many scholarships also available for international students who wish to study medicine in Russia.

Why choose Russia for MBBS Studies

Thousands of Indian students applied for MBBS studies in Russia and got admission to the best medical universities.

Russian universities follow high standards of education and clinical practice, which is why they have been graded among the best in the world. Russian universities have an effective presence all over the world, with many international students coming from far-away countries like India to study medicine there.

Students from all over the world choose Russian medical universities because it provides them with an excellent education at an affordable cost combined with comfortable accommodations and the facility of origin food available at all times.

Their universities have the best infrastructure in the world which is why they are available to provide a high standard of education at very inexpensive prices so far. Even the universities conduct so many extracurricular activities and Indian festival organizations to make available the feeling of a second home to Indian students.

And all the top medical universities in Russia are approved by MCI and offer internationally recognized MBBS degrees to students.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Russia

Quality of education in Russia.

If you are assessing studying MBBS from Russia, you have made a wise choice!

The Russian government is determined to provide its citizens with the highest-quality education. This includes providing training to chemists, mathematicians, geologists, physicians, programmers, physicists, engineers, and experts in other scientific disciplines.

Russian universities change their curricula and modes of teaching from time to time through new developments and discoveries to deliver upgraded study material and methods of teaching are also adapted considering recent developments and growths. Russia is regarded as a global leader in this region.

Affordable residence costs and low education fees

  • Russian universities have very low education costs and tuition fees as compared to other universities around the globe.
  • You need to expend around 4.5 lakhs in Indian rupees and 2000$-8000$ in bucks.
  • The cost of living is also very low compared to other countries. You can easily live there for 200$ – 250$ or 15k to 20k a month in Indian currency.
  • Their hostels are equipped with modern amenities and essentials.
  • They provide terrific interiors, furniture, wifi, and other modern equipment to the students living there.
  • They have strict in and out timings.

Diverse culture and language

You can be taught by various other fellow students from different countries and places that give you an international exhibition and enable you to learn different, languages, work styles, cultures, ethnicity and backgrounds. Due to the large population, you have the opportunity to meet know more about various cultures in the world and help you to establish comfortably in the new country.

Career opportunities after graduation

With several benefits, including low cost and high quality, the universities in Russia are a great choice for medical courses. In acquisition to this, the students who come here will get terrific career opportunities. This attracts many students every year for medical education.

Opportunities you get after MBBS graduation from Russia

  • Research work on various international research-based projects.
  • Get scholarships for mbbs in Russia
  • Post graduation after MBBS from other countries
  • Join private hospitals in Russia to get practical experience in your field. their payouts are also good and you have a chance to get much international exposure they also have a high demand for medical professionals not only in Russia by in other countries as well.
  • You can also open your medical chamber in Russia just after finishing your studies or do the same after getting some experience in Russia.


I would like to conclude from this article that the Advantages of studying MBBS from Russia can be a good experience. You did not have any problems with the education and the hostile facilities are remarkable.  The most important thing is that the study material and ways of teaching are exemplary and all of it is done by experienced lecturers and professionals in the field. In addition to this, It will allow you to learn about your body and its functions, give you international exposure, and will improve your language skills. The experience will give you monumental confidence in yourself and help you grow as a person. For overseas consultants in Jaipur you can contact now.

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