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Nanjing Medical University is a university in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. It was established in 1934 in Zhenjiang, but subsequently relocated to Nanjing in 1957.

The National Jiangsu Medical College was founded in 1934 and was renamed the Nanjing Medical College in 1957 when it moved to Nanjing. It was among the first medical universities in China to offer six-year programs in 1962. In 1981 it was approved to offer master's and doctoral degree programs. It was renamed Nanjing Medical University in 1993 and is now among the top Chinese medical universities.

Nanjing Medical University was established in 1934 as Jiangsu Provincial College of Health Policy and Management. In 1957, it moved from Zhenjiang to Nanjing and changed its name to Nanjing Medical College. In 1962, it wound up one of the principal gatherings of medicinal schools in China to offer six-year restorative projects, and in 1981, it was affirmed to grant ace and doctoral degrees.

In 1993, it was renamed as Nanjing Medical University and is one of the key colleges supported by Jiangsu Province. In September 2015, NMU has been affirmed to be one of the primary gatherings of restorative colleges which are co-supported by the Ministry of Education, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People's Republic of China and Jiangsu Provincial People's legislature.


The university provides an environment where the students can groom to the maximum. It has its own fitness clubs to keep students physically and mentally fit.

The students are given a homely environment so that they do not miss their homes. A great deal of stress is laid on practical knowledge to make the students efficient doctors of tomorrow.


  • School of Basic Medical Sciences
  • School of Public Health
  • School of Stomatology
  • School of Pharmacy
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Health Policy & Management
  • School of International Education
  • School of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • School of Foreign Languages
  • School of Continuing Education
  • Graduate School
  • Kangda College
  • The First School of Clinical Medicine
  • The Second School of Clinical Medicine
  • The Third School of Clinical Medicine
  • The Fourth School of Clinical Medicine

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