Guyana, a nation on South America’s North Atlantic drift, is characterized by its thick rainforest. English-talking, with cricket and calypso music, it’s socially associated with the Caribbean locale. Its capital, Georgetown, is known for British provincial design, including tall, painted-timber St. George’s Anglican Cathedral. An expansive clock denotes the exterior of Stabroek Market, a wellspring of nearby create.

Guyana has one of the biggest untainted rainforests in South America, a few sections of which are relatively out of reach by people. The rich regular history of Guyana was portrayed by early adventurers Sir Walter Raleigh and Charles Waterton and later by naturalists Sir David Attenborough and Gerald Durrell. In 2008, the BBC communicate a three-section program called Lost Land of the Jaguar which featured the enormous assorted variety of untamed life, including unfamiliar species and uncommon species, for example, the mammoth otter and nag falcon.

English is the official dialect of Guyana and is utilized for training, government, media, and administrations.

Guyana’s way of life is fundamentally the same as that of the English-speaking Caribbean, and has verifiably been fixing to the English-speaking Caribbean as a major aspect of the British Empire when it turned into an ownership in the nineteenth century.


Education in Guyana is one prominent factor of the country. It is given to a great extent by the administration of Guyana, through the Ministry of Education and its arms. Guyana’s instruction framework is a heritage from its opportunity as British Guiana.

School educational program, financing, measures and different arrangements are set by the government and carried out through the Ministry of Education and related offices.

The Education System is partitioned into eleven regions, ten of which relate to the national regulatory and topographical locales of the nation, while the capital, Georgetown, is dealt with as a different training region. With 8.3% of its GDP spent on training, Guyana sits with Cuba, Iceland, Denmark and Botswana as among the couple of nations with top spending on education.


MBBS in Guyana can be a life changing experience in one’s life. The universities in Guyana are MCI and WHO approved. Moreover, IELTS/TOEFL scores are not mandatory to go and study MBBS in Guyana.
  • No Donation
  • Admission on Merit Basis
  • No entrance tests
  • Low cost of living
  • Affordable education
  • Clinical Rotations in Guyana and Central US
  • Modern Infrastructure
  • Beautiful places to discover
  • Good employment opportunities


Top Medical Universities In Guyana

Georgetown American University

Georgetown American University is an institution in Georgetown, Guyana. It was established in November 2013 while classes commenced June 2014.

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Greenheart Medical University

GreenHeart Medical University (GMU) is an independent institution, located in the historic city of Georgetown, Guyana.

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American International School of Medicine (AISM)

American International School of Medicine (AMIS) was established in 1999 and is registered with the National Accreditation Council of Guyana

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Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology

Rajiv Gandhi University of Science and Technology (RGUST) was established in 2004 in accordance with the Ministry of Education.

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University of Guyana

The University of Guyana was established in April 1963. It was founded with a mission “To discover, generate, disseminate.

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Lincoln American University

Lincoln American University, School of Medicine, also known as LAU.

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